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Top 10 Reasons why Writers don’t Read as much as Readers do

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. When I was aspiring, I devoured books, often 10-13 per month. Now that November has come and my book is on the shelves, I’ve barely read at all. I finished The Night Circus in October, but because of Comic Con, I couldn’t finish anything else. I do plan on changing this in the future because I have about ten books I do intend on reading plus a ton for 2012, but here’s my reasons for not reading as much. That there on the side? That’s the last book I finished.

#10: People keep asking me to write things for them.

No I’m not joking. I’m published so that means I can write things. Apparently my writing is acceptable enough to be on the shelves, therefore others believe they can throw me more work to do. I’m flattered, really, but I’m busy enough already.

#9: My publisher told me he wants the next book ready by March.

I had a battlestar galactica moment and couldn’t stop saying frak. I also had a panic attack and we’ve renegotiated. I think we’re both okay with May. I’d be fine with October to be completely honest, but we’ll see.

#8: People want to celebrate and be friends with me.

Do you realize how much work it is to have friends in real life? They’re awesome, but when they all want to have coffee with you it becomes a bit weird. I’ve found myself attempting to put people together who wouldn’t normally get along. I’m trying to plan a book release party so that I can get this whole socializing over and done with. (Aha so I can go back to writing things) I still love them of course, but I need to work too.

#7: My house is a mess.

Well it was but my kids have been cleaning it. That’s right, laundry, vacuuming, disinfecting the bathroom. The only thing they don’t do is dishes. Speaking of which . . .

#6: My husband and kids wanted some attention.

My husband just wanted to go out with me for a change and my kids wanted me to watch a movie with them. They also wanted to draw some pictures for me. They’re all cool with me writing books as long as it’s not the only thing I do. If I’m writing and then I go stick my head in a book . . . I’m in trouble. Actually my four year old reminded me that I hadn’t done my chores yet.

#5: Other authors write differently than I do.

It’s true. I love Maggie and Cassie but they don’t write exactly the way I do. Sometimes reading their books sucks the creativity right out of me. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Some days it’s easier to let everyone else write things while I do other things like event planning and reading minds. Either way, sometimes when the wheels are turning, I NEED to not read anything because it’ll mess with my groove.

#4: The Green Eyed Jealousy Monster

I wrote a great book, but everyone is buying this other great book. It must mean I’m not good enough. Yeah, we can find fifty ways to Sunday around this one but the argument never changes. Just a little envious of the other books out there.

#3: I edit when I read.

Any published author has been through the excruciating editing process so they know how it is. When they go back to reading it’s like the things they edited in their own novels they pick out in other people’s novels. It’s really hard to stop doing that and to just enjoy a book for a change.

#2: I might not like the next book I read and since I review books, I don’t want to give out a bad review.

It’s like flipping TV channels trying to find something good to watch. I go through the first 5% of a book, put it down, move onto another book, read another 5%, put it down, read another, and so on and so forth until something just makes me stay. I have no idea what makes me stay with a book, but something does. I don’t like giving out bad reviews and so I tend to just put them on a DNF list and forget about it.

#1: I need to spend more time writing than reading.

It’s just the truth. As a writer I DO need to read, but I also need to write things. I can’t be stuck reading books until the cows come home. Sure, if I wasn’t publishing books I would read more, but when you have only 6 months to turn out a product, and you want that product to be just as good as everything else out there, you do have a tendency to close the cave walls and isolate yourself from everyone.

I’ll be going back into the cave soon, though I don’t know which project I’ll be tackling next. I have 3.5 more books to write in 1 series, then 2 more series to write, one is 3 books, the other is 4 books. If you were counting that’s 10.5 books I have to write.

*sigh* Sadly, I might not be reading a lot in the next year.