CASTING: Jamie Bowers is cast as Jace in TMI!

A few days ago me and a couple others on twitter were going over the rumors that Jamie Bowers would be cast as Jace. I wasn’t convinced, having only seen him in Twilight as Caius, he looked too soft and girly to take the part. Especially since Jace is mostly a killing machine.

However, the results are in and Jamie Bowers has been cast as Jace. He was top of Cassie Clare’s list after Alex Pettyfer fell out of the running along with Max Irons and a few others. She’s also said she got to see his audition which was “Unfuckingbelievable” (She dropped the f bomb!) Which is what I always thought it would have to be. Basically one of these guys would have had to step up, walk in there and prove they could have the part. For the amount of times Jace mentions that it’s impossible for anyone to be hotter than him, it certainly had put a lot of pressure on the male actor population.

Let’s just be glad Robert Pattinson didn’t try to get involved in that hot or not contest. #ohthankgod #couldanythingbeworse?

I’m looking forward to the movie and congrats to Jamie Bowers!


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  • Gabbie says:

    Im not sure how I feel about this but if it got that reaction out of Cassie then he should be really good for the part because she is ultimately the one who brought Jace to life.

  • Jillian says:

    Have you seen Jamie Bowers in Sweeney Todd? He was really good there and could totally see him as Jace. I am sure they will do something about his "look" though and make him more like a bad, tough boy! Looking forward to seeing him on a official poster or something.

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