C4 – Central Canada Comic Con – Wow, but not hot like wow

Hey everyone!

I’m back from the land of no internet and I have goodies to tell you about my journeys to the place where no man has been before, Comic Con in Winnipeg with Shatner!

That’s right, I sort of got to meet him. By sort of I mean someone wanted me to do something admin like and he happened to be sitting at the table next to me signing autographs and talking to people.

My weekend began as a gong show because I couldn’t officially pass off my coordinator title until after set up. I mostly did my thing, which involved picking up a 16ft. truck, (now you know I’m a trucker) loading it with a ton of boxes, signs, prizes, and other displays.

I think I slept on Thursday night for about three hours. I was up at 5am on Friday to be at the show. A.P. showed up around 1pm with my books. Yep, I didn’t actually see the exclusive cover and the official book in print until Friday at the show.

I got a chance to set up my table at 3pm. I sat there numbering and dating all 100 of them. What I learned about this process? I’m left handed. I kept trying not to crease the book covers too much while at the same time, not drag my hand across the ink to smudge it. I apologize now to the people who got a really ugly signature from me. I’ll sign bookmarks at home and they’ll be prettier.

Friday night the show opened. I ACTUALLY sold some books! It was fun watching the fans walk by my table and then the mother/teen daughter combo would walk by and STOP. I’d chat with the girl about other books and then the mom would tell her to get the book. The other people who bought were the teenage boys. That might have had something to do with both Sam and Jello sitting at my table dressed as Kaliel and Lotesse. They kept promising free hugs to the boys if they bought a book.

I don’t really know what happened to Saturday. I know I lost my voice. I had been up almost 24 hours straight by the time we were finished dinner on Friday night. I slept another 5 hours and was back at the Convention Center by 7:30am on Saturday. I don’t even know why since I didn’t do anything admin like or coordinator like that morning.

It was packed on Saturday, barely any room to move around. People showed up, including one person who read my book a year ago in its Beta form because she yoinked the copy I gave to Sam. This girl Angel, read the book six times, the first time in an hour because she couldn’t put it down. People like her are amazing and she fan girled on me!

I needed a break after being at my table by myself for five hours and basically Angel and her sister Courtney took over selling books. I went and ate some food, the first time all day and then sat with them. I signed posters for people and personalized them with quotes from the book, but they did all the talking for me.

I decided to adopt them and make them come back on Sunday.

Admittedly, I didn’t sell a lot on Saturday because Kevin Sorbo was on the other side of the room along with eight other celebrities. Also, the ATM machines at the Convention Centre and the ones in different buildings downtown were out of cash. No cash = no book sales for me.

I went out with Sam, Jello and Michael on Saturday night. I had no access to them on Saturday since they also run Main Stage Programming at Comic Con over the weekend and there was a costume contest with over 150 entries for them to organize. The multi talented aspect of these girls is just amazing.

Sunday came too quickly.

I left the con for half the day on Sunday because I promised my kids they could wear their Sailor Moon Costumes and see everything at comic con. My oldest, who is usually a leader and very loud, clammed up when she got inside. She’s the type that watches all the 80’s cartoons, anime, and other pop culture shows and I think when she saw the room, she was just overwhelmed. It’s nice to know that one day she’ll be really into the culture! She is one of the youngest cosplayers around!

I was worried that while I was gone, no books would sell, but to my utter surprise, the girls had them flying off the table. I’m keeping them forever!

Anyway, then Kramer showed up with a camera and a mic. I had a whiteboard and no voice. So we did an interview with answers and no questions.

Some memorable sales:
The Dad: “I’d rather you buy the book than that stupid hat you were looking at.”
The Vampire Diaries lover: “Mom, wait! Book!”
The boy who got hugged: “I read a few chapters last night, it was really good.”
The artists: “Wow! You wrote this!?”
The exhibitor from Montreal: “You wrote a book? I have to have it.”
and last but not least, The hotel owners buying the copies in my purse in a quiet corner on the loading dock: “Wow, I can put this on display, and get my boys to read it, they can grow up with it.”

And the oddest sale I made all weekend was to the exhibitor from Montreal. I donated a book to the volunteers, and I was up in the volunteer room doing some admin work when the exhibitor from Montreal found me up there. All I said was that I was a guest and I wrote a book and he took the copy that was coincidentally in the room. HOW this stuff happens to me I have NO idea.

Oh and this girl had the best non costume ever.

My husband still wins for being the best pirate ever.
And then there was dead dog last night and that was when I realized my iphone can shoot video! The first time I tried recording anything, THIS happened.
And that sums up my weekend! I’ll post the whiteboard interview tomorrow!

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  • Colleen says:

    Your daughters are SO. ADORABLE. If I were a psycho I would totally steal them and keep them in my pockets to hug and feed cookies to all day.<br /><br />Comic Con sounds like it was a really good time!

  • Julia Rachel Barrett says:

    How fun! Your daughters are the cutest and your husband is definitely the best pirate!

  • dcmcmillen says:

    Yep, those kids are too cute. I&#39;m glad you sold some books and had a good time!

  • Shelly says:

    Congrats!!! Another successful Comic Con under your (superwoman) belt. And book sales…woot! <br />On a side note….those Sailor Moon costumes I. DIED. They look soooo cute. And the hubby…wow on that costume. Ahhhhmaazing!

  • Karen DeLabar says:

    That sounds like an awesome time and congrats on the book sales! Good for you!

  • Myles says:

    I&#39;m glad C4 went well for you. Though I thought you should know, I didn&#39;t just buy your book for the free hugs lol. It legitimately sounded like an interesting story, and it was. The hugs were a bonus.

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