C4 Central Canada Comic Con – before the madness begins

Because my vlogging skills are nil, this is a post!

You may not know this, but Central Canada Comic Con is the second largest comic con in Canada. I was a Head Coordinator from 2006 – 2010 and this year I’m a guest! It’s weird because everyone already knows who I am! (I’m like a celebrity)

I’m debuting Flame of Surrender, The Ferryman and the Flame #1. I’ve got 100 of the books with an exclusive cover, and posters of the original cover if you buy a copy of the book while you’re there! I also have bookmarks which are pretty. If you can’t make it, but you want some, drop me a line and I’ll snail mail you some after the show!

Also, my silver pen works now. First one I got puzzled me. I bit the tip, then found out that’s not one of those plastic pieces that removes from some pens nowadays but actually the pen tip. So it started writing like a paintbrush on me. I feel smart, really I do. This one works nicely and I have a gold one too.

I hope those of you in the Winnipeg area come and see me, and fawn over the book and my girls / booth babes who will be walking around in costumes of my characters. (Lotesse and Kaliel are confirmed.)

Oh and I have to say that the people at Chase are superstars. I had a dilemma this afternoon with the debit machine for my store (yep my husband owns a comic book shop) and they were able to solve it! I was panicking, it was one of those things that may have required overnight shipping, and then the customer service rep was like, “We have people in Winnipeg, we’ll send someone down to fix it for you.” Ahhh.

So all in all, even with all the pre planning stuff I HAVE to do (because despite being a guest I still have to work this show too) It’s going rather smoothly. I’m in the eye of the storm.

Tonight’s Fun: Packing the boxes into the truck.
Tomorrow: Set up / Hotel
Friday: Set up / Show Opens (and I’ll finally get to see the books!)
Saturday: Show open
Sunday: Show open / Tear Down

And so hopefully I’ll see you all on Monday so I can let you know all the crazy things that happened to me over the last 4 days.

Have a good one, don’t eat too much candy over the weekend!


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