SURRENDER (The Ferryman & The Flame #1)

SURRENDER (The Ferryman & The Flame #1)
Series: The Ferryman & The Flame, Book 1
Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult
Publisher: WordFire Press

The next sweeping Epic Fantasy Romance is here!
For fans of Tristan & Isolde, Outlander and Lord of the Rings!

Centuries ago, High King Tor silenced the tyrannous old kings and brought peace to the lands, but an ancient prophecy vows that The Ferryman and The Flame will bring eternal damnation.

Kaliel has always feared who she is—what she is, and where her destiny will lead her. Sent to train with the greatest elder, Kaliel is reunited with a boy from her past, a past so long forgotten she no longer remembers it. Against the will of the elders Kaliel falls in love, not knowing that sometimes love is the most dangerous thing of all.

Krishani has suffered nightmares since he was a small boy. Sent to train in the royal city, Krishani falls for a girl who swims with merfolk and blooms flowers with her touch. Kaliel eases the nightmares until Krishani is forced to leave on a journey that will bring him closer to death than he’s ever been.

Danger, love, betrayal, and chaos collide in the first installment of The Ferryman & The Flame.

Warning: multiple POV, some sexual content, severe cliffhanger, not a happy ending, some believe it's insta-love but I don't agree with them, no profanity, no love triangles, part of a series that ends with an HEA.
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