Book Review: Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick

Admittedly I bought this book a few days after it was out, but that was because when I checked for it, it was not yet in.

I read the first book in this series Hush Hush back in November of 2009 and thoroughly enjoyed bad boy Patch. I mean, in terms of bad boy characters, Patch has it down. I couldn’t resist spending more time with his sexiness and hence why I had to give this book a read.

Officially, I give the book four stars and I highly recommend it to people who are into the angel phenomenon. It took awhile to remember all of the little details from the last book, but thankfully the author included the hints to it so that I wasn’t lost.

Without giving too much away I need to say first that the writing is dazzling. I felt like I was living through most of the book with Nora, and I loved the very detailed descriptions Becca Fitzpatrick gave to emotions, places and people. It was easy to follow.

Secondly, the metaphysics was again on point. I like books that don’t mess up the metaphysics and Becca Fitzpatrick has done her study on Angels, Nephilim and Archangels appropriately. Also, there is enough balance between everyday life and metaphysical phenomenon that I didn’t get lost in the metaphysics for a change. A real author succeeds when the metaphysics don’t come off as some sort of pizazz for the readers to go “wow it was so cool he could do that!” Like I’ve said before, it takes away from the storytelling. Fitzpatrick’s metaphysics assist the storytelling, which is what makes the book gripping. This was by far my favourite thing about the book.

Aside from Patch. Thank god he’s not a teenager otherwise I might seem a little awkward, but so far, sexiest male lead ever. This book is hard to put down because I never knew what Patch was going to do next, and tracking his mood swings are impossible, so it’s hard to tell.

Things I dislike in general are story arcs or plots that resemble Twilight. Becca did have a moment like that and it was cringe worthy. You can’t miss it, but thankfully you get past it! Secondly, monologuing villains. Her villain is admirable and quite possibly the last person I would look at, but at the same time, he does get on the cheesy side when he explains his entire plan.

I think what got me lost the most was the blood lines stuff. To be honest, I’m not as into ancestral lines as I thought I was. I have traced my own, but hearing the blather about where Nora and her family all came from was a little exhausting. It does make sense, and she does manage to solve a few mysteries regarding her family, but I think the price she had to pay for it was too high, and the concepts she had to wrap her head around were a little too confusing.

Truth be told, I kept forgetting who Chauncey was, but I vaguely remember him being in Hush Hush.

I didn’t forget Dabria.

And I originally hated Patch for his decisions and lucrative behavior and then realized he did almost the same thing in the first book. So Nora’s fears about him were completely warranted.

Nora is less strong in this book, it doesn’t mean she’s not brave, but she’s not strong, she always needs help to get out of the binds she gets herself in. And well she manages to get herself into a lot of unnecessary trouble trying to keep up with Patch.

Which in her case makes her look more pathetic than smoldering.

I’m looking forward to book 3, but you know I’m longing to hear the story from Patch’s perspective. I wonder how it would look through his eyes. Just food for thought.

Overall, this book is a hard one to put down, and a good read. You’ll be wondering what will happen next right up until the end, and just like me, you’ll be waiting patiently for the next installment in the series.

When is that coming out?