BLOGGING: How do you say no?

Do you remember that problem I had a few weeks ago when I realized that the reason nobody was asking me to review their books was because I didn’t list my e-mail address anywhere on my blog?

Well that problem was an easy fix, but I have another one?


I mean it, I’ve begun getting some requests for reviews and I’ve taken on two of them, Natasha Larry being one of them and Matt Xell being another one (I’m not done his book yet though but so far I’m loving it) and then there’s a few others who have been asking and I’m like, “um, I can’t even get through what I’ve been approved for on Net Galley.” Also, I’m becoming really upset with a few common mistakes I’m finding in a lot of these requested books.

Makes me wonder about my own books ya know? Did I make this mistake? Is a reviewer gonna look at me and my book in this way and be like, “No, just no, go away.”

And so I haven’t responded to a few people, SORRY! I don’t know how to say “I’m not interested in your book” without sounding like a horrible bitch because later on I might be clogging up your inbox with that nice little girl scout expression on my face, “Would you like to read my book?”

“Please sir, can I give you some more?”

God, I don’t want to come off like Oliver Twist when I DO go banging down your doors, but you know it’s going to happen eventually. I need to break out of this horrible comfort zone I’ve gotten myself into and let other people love what I love about my book.

In the meantime, how in the BLEEP do you say NO to the people who have requested reviews for books that you JUST DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT?

*sigh* There I said it, if you’ve asked me to review your book and I haven’t responded yet it’s for one of three reasons: 1) You were the first to ask and I thought you were joking 2) I clicked on it on my phone and it didn’t load the message and then it said I read the message but I never did so I completely lost it in my inbox somewhere or 3) I don’t want to read your book because I’m 99% sure I won’t like it.


Complaints can be sent to rhiannonpaille at gmail dot com anytime, really, I’m okay with it.


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  • bookbitereviews says:

    Just answer how you would want someone to reject your book. Tell them that although you appreciate them for asking you to review their book that you just dont have the time, and that you're not sure it would be a book that you personally would like anyway and that you dont want to give a bad review on something you knew you wouldn't like from the start. And so you have to respectfully

  • Nicki J Markus says:

    I&#39;ve had to refuse some requests lately as I am snowed under with books to read at present.<br />I just thank them for their interest in my blog and explain that I&#39;m unfortunately unable to review their book due to current workload. I direct them to the blog roll on my page as a place to find other bloggers who might be able to help them and I wish them all the best with their release. I

  • Orchid says:

    I agree with bookbitereviews, I think she put it quite nicely. That&#39;s also pretty much what I say when I decline a review offer. =)<br /><br />Orchid<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia</a>

  • Becca Watson says:

    I agree with all the above. I guess you just be polite about it. Let them know you don&#39;t have the time at the moment. I don&#39;t know much about reviewing, I&#39;ve only done one review so far but I guess thats how I would do it..

  • Amanda says:

    Whenever I send a denial I try to be as nice as possible! I usually try to include a specific reason…but always an honest one. Most common it&#39;s merely that I don&#39;t have the time and/or their book isn&#39;t a genre I enjoy. I also try to refer them to various places that I feel might help them. There are several indie book reviewer lists that make that easy!<br /><br />That said, there

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