Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl: First Thoughts

This is my first book review and so I don’t expect it to be all that entertaining, but here is what I thought of Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.

I need to start off with the obvious and that is the fact that when we last left Lena and Ethan, she had used the book to of moons to save Ethan’s life and her Uncle Macon died. Sorry if you haven’t read Beautiful Creatures yet. Her eyes were left green and gold, green means light caster, gold means dark caster.

Beautiful Darkness is the aftermath of that choice, which leaves a lot of questions in the air and really changes things between Ethan and Lena.

What I loved so much about this book was that despite the clearly defined lines between light and dark, they manage to find a way to make both the light and the dark useful. I have ranted long and hard in the past about how light and dark are really racial differences and have nothing to do with good or evil. I’m glad to see the authors taking my side on that when it comes to Lena and her decision to be light or dark.

Also from Beautiful Creatures is the fact that if Lena choose Light, all her Dark Incubus relatives will die, where as if she chooses dark all of her Light Caster relatives will die. It’s not a decision that is easy for a teenage girl to make.

That being said there is definitely a lot more journeying in this book which I liked, and we do get to see more of the Caster World, including some unexpected twists and turns.

I have a list of things I usually dislike when I see it in books, but that Beautiful Darkness managed to do in a way that didn’t make me hate it, if that makes sense.

– One character saying me and my whole family are leaving town because I might kill you. (Ohh, how we all remember Edward.) That’s no spoiler by the way, people say a lot and do a lot in this book. You can never be sure what’s around the corner.

– People randomly popping up to save the day. (I really don’t see how Ethan could have won without that happening though so kudos! And Amma is way cooler in this book than she was in the last.)

– Other people the main characters could fall in love with. (Thanks for Liv, but I hope she goes back to the UK. More John Breed please!)

– Magickal Items. (Gosh I’m such a non possessions kind of girl. I thought the Horcruxes were neat, but when fantasy novels have all sorts of special swords and maps and such, I get lost. The pieces in Beautiful Darkness were very unique though and didn’t cross into the stereotypical. I’d actually like to own a selenometer, do you know where I can find a Liv to make me one?)

Long story short, oh no wait, it’s a long one at 500 pages, this is a story that’s going to make your blood race, it’ll make you sad, exhilarated, scared, angry, confused and satisfied. You will feel like you’re right there with the characters, thinking the things they’re thinking the whole way through.

I should mention something about the impeccable dialogue as well. It was like every time I wanted a character to say something, they did, or they thought about it, and so it was there. It was perfect. Also, the references to pop culture and southern culture were placed in just the right spots so that you either smiled slightly or went “huh?” if you’re not from the south. Like when Aunt Prue said, “Good lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise”  I think I get it now, but at the time it looked like chinese to me :)

The end had quite the hook, which has me wondering about John Breed and his breed of caster worldliness. I’m interested to see how the third book in the series pans out with him in it. Also very interested to see what happens to Ridley.

I’m looking forward to when Beautiful Whatever (not the name of the third book, it’s yet to be decided) comes out in fall of 2011 so I can continue following the Casters, Incubuses, Waywards, Evos, Seers, Diviners and whatever else these awesome writers throw at us!

Oh, and one more thing, having a PhD in Metaphysical Science, I just want to leave a personal note for Kami and Margaret: THE METAPHYSICS WAS ON POINT. Thank you for doing your homework!

Everyone else: click the link and go buy the book!


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