BEA craziness and coincidence

O Hai!

So that’s me and David Levithan, the last really cool person I met at BEA and the last of many crazy coincidences. 
There are no good places to start so let me just say that I was NOT the girl having a panic attack and crying in the bathroom.
I WAS the girl striking up conversations with random people in line, getting lost in crowds, standing in looong lines for book signings and . . . are you ready for this one?
Of the people I talked to, the shwag I handed out, the friends I made, and my revitalized opinion of NYC, being recognized was by far the craziest thing to happen to me at BEA.
And I’d love to say it happened once, but it didn’t, it happened about five times. 
If you follow my blog you will be getting a little updated list of ARCs I have at this point for giveaways and I’ll be running some separate giveaways in the next week or so.
In the meantime . . . David Levithan, the man with the crazy long lines for his book signings, the man who has been with Scholastic, Penguin, Random House, I mean really, everywhere. The man who wrote a book called Every Day which is another take on an idea I’ve had in my head for five years. The man who named the love interest in that book: Rhiannon.
I skipped his signing. I thought oh well I’m not going to get to meet him. Instead I focused all my energies on being FIRST in the Cassandra Clare line, which I was, until some front of the line pass holders showed up . . . not that I’m grumbling, they were awesome, and I exchanged some shwag with them.
I delayed my ride to the airport for Cassandra Clare and you all know why: she’s freaking Cassandra Clare! I remember when her book attacked me in a Wal-mart and I finally read her work (and then all her books) and understood that the way I write is very similar and that I was doing something right.
So hard to find an author connection like that when you’re starting out, but I did, so it was so good to get to say hi to her.
As I’m leaving, with book blogger number five who recognized me, there’s David, waltzing through the lobby area all on his lonesome . . . and so we talk about Every Day and about the woman in the UK named Rhiannon that he knows, and how it’s awesome that authors have similar ideas and execute them in wildly different ways.
And then I found a cab driver who’s daughter is into books and got lost in the Newwark Airport . . . and eventually ended up on the plane I’m on now.
I’m ecstatic, completely blown away that you even know who I am, bloggers, readers, friends, everyone! I’m so grateful for everyone who has picked up my book or chatted with me on facebook or just been part of this crazy ride.
While I won’t give away the juicy details, I think this was a great experience and something I’ll remember forever. 
Next year, BEA, me, you and a lot of books to sign, what do you think? Are you going to make it for little old me?
Hope you do and if you don’t make it to BEA, come to UtopYA in Nashville, June 26-28 and I will be there with books and ebooks cards, and bookmarks and stuff!
Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend!

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  • Leann says:

    I am glad you had a great experience at BEA this year, for your post is one of the few positive posts I have seen about it this year. And yay for meeting David Levithan!

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