Author Interview: Chris Rylander Author of The Fourth Stall

Hey Acorns!

I need to point your attention to this!

This is a book coming out in 1 week by debut Author Chris Rylander!

I once had lunch with him in North Daokta and to say it was good times was an understatement, it was awesome times!

I recently saw his book hit Goodreads and I thought, why not contact him to see what he’s up to and to ask some questions!

So here’s the interview!

1) I wasn’t cool enough to get an ARC, but I really liked the idea for this book when you explained the synopsis. What did you want kids to take away from your book?

Honestly, I kind of just want kids to have fun reading it.

2) If you were a shark, what kind of shark would you be and why?

A Great White. Because they’re the ultimate predator and I like to eat stuff.

3) Vegetarian, Vegan or Meatatarian?

I eat meat. I especially love pork. However, some of my favorite dishes I’ve ever had at restaurants have been vegan/vegetarian main courses.

4) Is this your first story? And if not, what was your first story about?

No, actually my first story was about a school teacher named Abe Lincoln who gets kidnapped by a guy with a mustache and a girl with an eye patch. Also, there are a bunch of other bizarre characters, including a Mountie who has a thing for candy necklaces, palindromes, and fruit juice. The whole thing took place in Canada.

5) A little birdie told me that you’re part of a secret society for children’s
book writers and illustrators. Can you talk about it?

Yeah, I’m the Regional Advisor for the Dakotas chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. It’s a really great organization for anyone who creates and/or loves children’s books. More information can be found here:

6) I realize that “The Fourth Stall” is a bit like the Godfather, so what are your connections to the Mafia?

None, I swear. Totally, definitely none. Really. What’s the Mafia, anyway? I never heard of such a thing.

7) Did you give your literary agent an offer he couldn’t refuse?

Ha-ha, well, that probably depends on perspective. I feel like for me it was the other way around. I queried him with a manuscript for a genre that he doesn’t even represent, but he saw enough there to call me and suggest I try writing a book for children. I haven’t looked back since; and now I know without a doubt that I’m writing for the right audience. And I don’t think I could ever thank him enough for that.

8) Are any of the characters like a version of yourself when you were their age?

There are elements of each character that are kind of like me, but actually no single character is very much like I was as a kid. Which is probably a good thing – I’m not sure I’d have made for a very interesting book character.

9) Did you create your characters based on any of your idols? And for the hell of it who do you idolize?

I’m actually not entirely sure where my characters came from. Some are based on people I knew as a kid, but most of them aren’t based on any one person in particular. As for my idols, writing-wise I’d have to say George Saunders, M.T. Anderson and Flannery O’Connor are the people I admire most. Their books and stories amaze me each and every time I read one.

Thanks Chris for answering my questions! You can visit the link to his website below, and you can preorder a copy of The Fourth Stall on Amazon! It hits bookshelves on February 8th!