#ArmchairBEA Libraries, Bookstores and Me, Oh My!


Welcome to Wednesday at ArmchairBEA. I know, I still can’t believe I’m NOT there. If you weren’t here yesterday or the day before, here’s who I am and what I’m giving away.

If you’re here today I’m going to yammer on about my experiences with libraries and bookstores. All the good ones, not the bad ones! That’s me over there on the right, with Candace, a fan from Calgary on the left.

#10 You’re a Celebrity!

So I was sitting in the Chapters St. Vital when a mom and her two teen daughters came up. The mom was a bit over excited, shaking my hand, talking really loudly. She had her daughters read the back of the book, read it herself, congratulated me on being published. Her daughters looked like they wanted to go find a hole somewhere, but otherwise it was an interesting experience.

#9 Local Book Bloggers

I had the pleasure of hanging out at the McNally Robinson where both Gabby and Maryann from Chapter x Chapter came to listen to me read from Flame of Surrender AND Flame of Justice. I did show the trailer and cover for FoJ, and it was awesome of them to come!

#8 My Brother’s Girlfriend

Also at the McNally Robinson was my brother and his girlfriend, who saw my book at Chapters and then saw that my mom had a copy and THEN had an OMG! Kind of moment. Anyway so I signed a book for her, and then she realized she used to know me from when I worked at McDonald’s. Small world!

#7 My Friend Thinks You’re Cool

I was down at Corecon in Fargo in May and one of the girls I met the year before, while promoting my non fiction book, came by the table with her friend. Jill basically told her that I’m awesome and so she bought a book. I can’t remember her name, but it was awesome! And then Jill bought a book too!

#6 First time Convention Goer

I love moms. In this case, there was a mom that came up, read the back of the book, then went to find her daughter in the most amazing dress I’ve ever seen. Her daughter read the back, her mom asks, “Will you read it?” the daughter was like, “Um . . . yeah, it’s what I like.” So the mom got it for her, and I signed it and we chatted about her love of anime, cosplaying and all things science fiction fantasy.

#5 I’m reading you book for a school project

I cannot remember where I was when this happened, maybe I was on Starbucks overload, but someone actually told me that they needed to do a book report for school and huzzah my book was it!

#4 Show and Tell!

I was at the March show, sitting quietly at my table while chaos went on around me (not really but sort of if you’ve ever been to a show like that) and a guy in his 20’s comes up (I’m assuming 20’s he looked about 20’s) he grabs a book, reads the back of it, and then says “Cool.” Hands me money, and I’m like, “Who do I make it out to?” and he’s like, “You wrote the book?” “Yeah . . .” “Oh cool I didn’t realize.” So I signed it for him and then later saw him with his group of buddies, showing each other what they bought and he quite proudly showed off my book, in a guy sort of way, one handed, poster tucked into the book, that kinda thing.

#3 Lost Dad in the Chapters

Have you ever seen this guy when you go shopping? He’s that poor parent that has NO idea what to buy their teen but they’re in the teen section. This one asked a couple of staff members for a teen mystery book but then, the staff had no clue so while I was standing there I rattled off a few titles which included Michelle Hodkin’s Unbecoming of Mara Dyer and Kimberly Derting’s The Body Finder series.

He went with the Body Finder for your curious folks.

#2 That time the Library lost my book

I mailed books out to a bunch of libraries in Canada and the US earlier this year. I don’t usually check up but I wanted to make sure my local library had me in. So I went to the site, looked it up and lo and behold, no book in their system! So I call, talked to a few people including Terri Weast from their Teen Section and she said to bring another book down to her and she’d get it into the catalogue! So I did and she didn’t just get it into the catalogue, she got me featured in the Winnipeg Public Library’s Monthly Newsletter “Booked”! They only spotlight 8 titles a month and so I was very honored to be on that list!

#1 In Person Fan Girling

Melanie, where are you Melanie? You know I love you right? So I was at Chapters on that very boring Weds night where I watched more copies of E.L. James’s Fifty Shades of Grey fly off the shelf than I did of my own book. She came by to say hello and to tell me that she thought FoS was awesome and cannot wait for the next books in the series. That’s right folks, she was there in the flesh to tell me my book is awesome. (It doesn’t get any better than that.)

She agrees with me, it’s a nice book that reads like a nice book that isn’t a nice book.

And that’s it for today! I wish I were at BEA stalking David Leviathan and picking up all sorts of ARCs. Why David Leviathan? Because he somehow reached into my head and pulled out my idea for the fifth book in The Ferryman and the Flame series (which is some super powers working over there) and named a character Rhiannon in his upcoming book Everyday. I’d like an ARC and I think he’s awesome. (I mean do you stalk people if you don’t think they’re awesome?)

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