#Armchair BEA Things I do besides blogging (and reading)


Welcome to day four of Armchair BEA!

Today Michelle asked us to talk about the things we do besides book blogging. She specifically wanted to know if we do any freelance writing, novel writing, or monetizing of our blog, and if so to post on it, if not, to post on something else we do that doesn’t involve book blogging. I wear a lot of hats and in fact there is a picture my friends have of me wearing ALL their hats. I have no idea where it is though and am content to not let it see the light of day.

I do A LOT of other things and so here’s the list of things I do besides run a book blog.

1) I work at a Metaphysical Therapist on Liveperson.com and on my own personal site www.rhiannonpaille.com I’ve been with Liveperson since 2005, and have had my site since 2009. When I try to explain to people what I do it tends to become one big awkward conversation which goes something like this. Them: So what do you do? Me: I’m a metaphysical therapist. Them: A what??? Me: I do psychic readings for people. Them: Oh, is it like tarot and stuff? Me: No, it’s metaphysical therapy. Them: Oh . . . Me: I read minds. Them: For real? Me: For real. Them: That’s … really cool. Me: Thanks.

2) I volunteer for the Central Canada Comic Con. The Central Canada Comic Con is an annual event in Winnipeg, MB. celebrating toys, comic books, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, gaming and pop culture. It began in 2006 as the Manitoba Comic Con and had an attendance of 3000. It grew over the years, moved to the Winnipeg Convention Centre, and the name changed. In 2011 the convention brought in William Shatner and had 25,000 attendees. My husband Michael Paille is the CEO of the con and started it back in 2006. I was one of the first people to work with the con. I’ve done a lot of the behind the scenes work, everything from marketing to booking celebrity guests, to grunt work. Yes, I drive a 1 tonne truck every year for the event. (Someone has to)

3) I’m an admin for Raven Toys, Comics & Games I don’t know how to explain this but my husband owns a store and I do paperwork. Sometimes I’m nice and list things on ebay for him.

4) I have kids, cats, and dogs. Anyone who tells you kids aren’t work were lying. My kids are 5 and 7 so they’ve got swimming and gymnastics and they like to play outside and go to the park. My dog Bella has a penchant for destroying couches, and likes to go for runs, not walks. We also welcomed a new infant kitty into our home. Our youngest female cat Sam (who we thought was spayed) had kittens. It’s sad, only one of them survived. It’s a month old now, and it’s sooo cute. We named it Bear.

5) I write books. Which is pretty self explanatory since um you’re here. So far I’ve written The Ferryman and the Flame series, the Last City on Earth short story series and Integrated Intuition: A Comprehensive Guide to Psychic Development.

Contrary to popular belief I DO have plenty of time for it. I’m usually 2 or 3 years ahead of my publishing schedule so I never have to scramble. For instance, I’m currently working on book 4 for the Ferryman and the Flame series, and book 2 isn’t out until October this year, and book 3 isn’t out until Oct. 2013. I hope to stay ahead of the game. So yeah, when I’m not here, I’m usually working and when I’m not doing that I’m still working.


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