#Armchair BEA Ask the Experts Day!


Well Armchair BEA is wrapping up and I’m EXHAUSTED! No I didn’t run around the Javits Centre in NYC grabbing ARCs, no I didn’t stalk David Leviathan, but I also didn’t have to attempt NYC rush hour traffic on a Friday (again) nor did I have to pay $40 to park my car AND give my keys to the parking attendant (please don’t steal my car?) I’m still really excited for next year and if I do get to go, it’ll be cabs all the way!

Today’s topic is Ask the Experts and so here’s my big ticket question to the experts perusing my blog today.

How do you manage author posts, with book review posts with giveaways and other author stuff and everything else inbetween?

I really try not to boast about the good things happening to me, but then I also forget to post them. I forget to promote myself through my blog because I find it cheesy, but then, I don’t end up posting something super awesome. I have advice for other writers but I don’t give it because there’s plenty of other people out there doing the same thing.

So that’s why I’m asking.

Hope you all had fun at BEA and at ArmchairBEA and I hope for another successful year next year! Maybe I’ll be blogging from my hotel room in NYC next year! (Then again, maybe not.) Maybe one day I’ll be sitting at a table at BEA signing books! (And subsequently NOT stalking people OR picking up ARCs. BUT signing ARCs of my own book would be cool.)

Stay Warm everyone!