I never know what to say when really good things happen for my book, so here it is.




It’s hard to put into words what this means for me, but let me try to explain.

Sometime in early April I received an e-mail from a Girls Life rep. She basically told me they had one spot left in the Beach Blanket Book Club feature for their June/July issue. She wanted to know if I wanted the spot.


I responded like a rabbit on crack, and after a few back and forth e-mails we agreed on the placement in the magazine and the website, but not the giveaway. (I think The Lost Prince by Jennifer Nielsen snatched it before I could. I could be wrong though.)

Still . . . the whole point is, SHE CONTACTED ME. Which means she found me somewhere on the big internet and thought Flame of Surrender was good enough for this feature. In one of her e-mails she even mentioned that she thought the girls would really like my book.

So after setting all of this up, and saying yes a million times, I wondered, how many girls are we talking about here? I had never been to the website, and was only vaguely familiar with the magazine. I remember the days of Seventeen, which I used to read when I was sixteen and well same idea.

The answer? 2 Million Girls between the ages of 10-17 read their magazine. More are on their website.

Yep, my little book, their gigantic army of 2 million teen girls.

Honestly? This is the biggest thing to happen in my writing career. This is someone out there saying to me, “You wrote a great book and we want teen girls to read it.”

This was a pat on the back I desperately needed.

THANK YOU to Brooke Winters and the GirlsLife Team, for giving me such an amazing opportunity! I am incredibly honored to have been chosen, and to be in the company of so many great authors and great books!

You couldn’t have given a girl a greater gift.

Stay Warm Everyone!

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