All the awkward set backs and weirdness

Yeah this is all the stuff that’s happened to me in November since my book officially hit the shelves.

The First Indigo Fiasco

I decided it would be fun to walk into an Indigo to see if even though my book wasn’t on the shelf, if it could be ordered from their handy dandy computer. Lo and behold my surprise when I walked over to the kiosk and typed in the name of my book and it popped up on the screen! It said 0 in stock, and that was fine, I didn’t expect a miracle, but I was glad that my curiosity got the best of me and I went in.

I lingered, and ended up talking to the manager in the kids/teens section about author events. She noticed that they had none of my book on the shelves and went to order some. She looked me up and then frowned, saying that I was listed in Literature and Fiction.

Literature and Fiction!?

I gave her a ghastly expression that no doubt conveyed my horror. When I think of Literature and Fiction I think Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, The Time Traveler’s Wife, The Tiger’s Wife, The Sky is Everywhere and Jane Eyre. I think about people who toiled over their writing for years and took courses in New York and worked to perfect their prose so that the novels they wrote were the epitome of something we’d still be studying 500 years from now. I think of Shakespeare although he’d never be in Literature and Fiction these days, but I still think about him.

I do not think ME, debut teen fantasy author ME.

I choked out, “It’s a teen book.”

She says, “So it is! And it has good reviews! Wow!”

“Wow!” (I didn’t know the reviews showed up on the computer, so double wow)

She says she’ll contact head office for me and get their clerical error revised immediately.

Insta relief.

The Amazon Fiasco

Which also happens to be the Barnes & Noble Fiasco, The Smashwords Fiasco (which I haven’t fixed yet btw) and the Kindle Fiasco.

I was listed in the wrong category everywhere! I was listed under science fiction fantasy a few times, but more often than not, my book was not originally considered a TEEN book.

So after a few phone calls, with some very interesting customer service people who thank god work at a call center and can NOT call me the crazy stalkerish author, I think I got it fixed.


The Second Indigo Fiasco

I had this brilliant idea to donate bookmarks to Indigo. Brilliant originally, and then not so brilliant after today when someone called me back and said that they have their own bookmarks they hand out.

That’s great and all but these bookmarks have something to do with MY book, and also they’re signed by me, so that anyone who buys my book can get a signed bookmark.

*sigh* The jury is still out on this one. I’m on person number four which hopefully I will hear from soon.

The Third Indigo Fiasco

Remember the kind lady who was going to change my listing on Indigo and order books for the store? Well I followed up because I’m that kind of gal and she said there was a problem with the SKEW, and she couldn’t order them.

The manager of the store was supposed to call me to explain it, but then he didn’t. So I called back a week later, and again he didn’t call me. So I called again today and left a message for him to call me, and now I’m again crossing my fingers in hopes that this all works out.

The Nook Fiasco

I waited for a long time to my book to show up on Nook. It didn’t. Weeks later my editor sends me a message saying that there was a technical problem with the formatting of the book and he has to resubmit to Nook. Apparently he’s been there before and wasn’t surprised.

I was surprised they didn’t say something sooner but that’s just me.

The Fourth and Final Indigo Fiasco

I spoke to head office about doing a multi city book tour. Originally they said they have someone in head office that deals with booking events. They gave me a list of things to send in and I did.

They got back to me within 24 hours which was quite impressive and they told me I’d have to talk to every individual store I wanted to appear at, to set up the tour.

Thankfully this has gone very well so far, including some excitement from the local store author events manager. The western canada book tour might actually work out!

In other news . . .

I’ve sent out 10,000 bookmarks to various places, or will have by the end of this year. 5,000 of them went to one place, another 2000 went to book bloggers, and the remainder 3000 went to conventions.

ALL of them have an incomplete ISBN number on them. For those of you confused, it’s missing 022.

I now have my 13 digit ISBN number memorized. 9781927339022

I applied to The Small Press Dept. at Barnes & Noble for retail store inclusion.

The book trailer we just uploaded everywhere, has to be taken down and redone because the voice over on one of the scenes moved when YouTube took it. Also, there’s a music glitch at the beginning that will not go away. It’s not our fault, the video is fine until it ends up on YouTube, and then it’s wonky. Apologies for those of you who have watched it and thought, “awesome! but why is that off?”

Tonight I told two of the moms at the birthday party my kid was invited to about my book. I gave them bookmarks. One of them was reading Breaking Dawn. I felt the need to save her.

And here ends the awkward and the weird.


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  • Colleen says:

    Holy ghosts what a hassle! That sounds like a whole lot of crazy, haha. At least you're able to get some of it worked out, but that's so strange your book would end up listed in a different category at the bookstore. I wonder how many books this actually ends up happening to, and it doesn't get pointed out and fixed…

  • Gene Pool Diva says:

    Huh, the big guns at Indigo, they must have worked for an airline. (I'm oh, so proud of mine.) You shouldn't have to train the staff, but thank goodness you follow through.

  • Cory Putman Oakes says:

    Oh Rhi! But at least you're laughing about it! And the good news is, your book is awesome!! So no matter what other fiascos come up, at least you don't have to worry about that! :-)

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