A Bestselling Book Happens When . . .

The right author, agent, editor, publisher and book come together. The team has to be full of the most dynamic people, willing to take the book to the best place they can take it.

Nobody can do it alone.

My philosophy was originally built by something that was said by the judges on So You Think You Can Dance regarding dance routines. They say that when the right dancers, choreographers and dance come together, it’s just magic.

The same is true for books.

Here are the top 5 Dances that have inspired me to keep writing.

1. Alex and Twitch – Outta Your Mind

(really sorry they disables embedding on this one)

2. Tara-Jean and Vincent – It Doesn’t Hurt

3. Kayla and Kupono – Gravity

4. Ryan and Eleanor – Your Ex Lover is Dead

5. Lauren and Kent – Collide



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