5 reasons I’m NOT your average psychic


I haven’t posted anything about my day job in a really really long time and so since my publisher/editor asked me about this the other day I thought I’d clarify a few things about my work.

1) I don’t read tarot cards, oracle cards, bones, stones, crystal balls (but I do own one), or use any other forms of divination.

Divination is a broad term used for tools like the Tarot. They are meant to interpret energy for the psychic in order to make it easier for the psychic to understand the energy. Most forms of divination have a system to them, and all the psychic has to do is memorize what each card means for it to work for them.

Anyone can learn how to read Tarot and call themselves a psychic.

I’m not a tarot reader.

2) I don’t use spirit guides.

Everyone has a spirit guides, whether ancestral, animal or otherkin. These spirits guides are meant to help each individual with their own journey. Some psychics use their guides to give them information about their clients. I personally think this is cheating. A psychic should be doing the work themselves, using their own mind, not trusting in a spirit guide. Besides, a spirit guide is yet another channel for which energy to pass through and the messages can come out scrambled, misinterpreted or vague. There’s no sense in being vague if you can be more specific and direct.

3) I do not do spells.

Some psychics out there just want to tell you that you have a metaphysical parasite on you so they can sell you a spell that costs them $0 and doesn’t really work but will charge you upwards of their monthly rent to do for you to change your situation.

I’m not versed enough in magic to be dabbling with spells. I do reiki healing, I do remote channeling, but spells is where I draw the line. I’m not going to remove someone’s free will just so a client can be happy with me. Clients are people too, they have to survive the ups and downs of their own lives and learn to make better choices.

Most clients wanting a spell, do not need a spell.

4) I do not see dead people.

Living people have problems I can actually solve. Dead people do not. I don’t like the intensity of the energies I feel when I tap into dead people, nor do I like the fact that I can’t solve their problems.

It’s so much easier for me to focus on the living, and use my abilities to help them, than it is to work with the dead.

5) I have a PhD in Metaphysical Science and Parapsychology.

I took an oath as a metaphysical therapist. I also have an extensive code of ethics. I’m educated in my field, and I believe in what I can do because of that education.

I’m here to help people through their problems in life. I use my psychic abilities to assist me.

And if that weren’t enough, not only do I read for people, but I teach metaphysical therapy.

For more information on the courses I offer you can head over here: Canadian College of Metaphysics

Of course, if you’re just curious about what I can offer, but you don’t want to become an official student, you can always get the course book on Kindle for $0.99.

Integrated Intuition: A Comprehensive Guide to Psychic Development

This book will make you psychic. I mean it, it’s as simple as reading the book, and working with the techniques. It’s like those Chia Pets, just add water and they grow! In this case, the results are a little less green, but the process will take you from zero to psychic in about eighteen months. It’s impossible to go from normal to superhero overnight (they do in movies, but movies aren’t real) and while you can go from being nobody to being famous overnight (Justin Bieber, Robert Pattison, etc.) it’s just not possible for you to go from using 10% of your brain to 15% or 20% overnight. It’s things like that that cause spontaneous human combustion! And I’m sure you’d rather be psychic than have your head go splat!

That being said, you need to pick up a copy of this book because it’s well written, it’s informative, and it might very well make the difference between you pretending to be a superhero and actually being one.

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