19 Things I’ve been thinking while editing

O Hai!

I have to say I’m feeling rather shameless because once again I am editing . . . SURRENDER. I know you’ve read it the way it is, I know you think it’s awesome, but here’s the thing – there are still some mistakes in it. I know you noticed those too and you forgave me for that time I used bashfulness instead of bashful and that time I put “She her” at the beginning of a sentence like a choose your own adventure novel, and you picked the one that worked better. (It was “her” in case you picked the wrong one.)

All of that aside, here are a few things I have been thinking during this edit.

1. Do I really need to do this again?

Because I was pretty sure I had a professional editor go through this, then a copy editor, then I went through it like four times, not to mention the fact that I rewrote this book four times should have made it gold.

2. OMG there’s a typo!

Delete, delete, delete, delete.

3. This is excruciating.

I mean it, I feel like someone is sucking my soul up through one of those tiny eye droppers and putting it in one of those discs, and sticking it under a heat lamp until it grows cultures.

4. Wow this part is awesome.

5. I’ve read this book too many times.

As in I remember that line, and that one and I know exactly what the next character is going to say.

6. Bored . . . I wonder what people are doing on facebook . . . oh god facebook is worse . . .

*dives back into the book*

7.  I hate this song . . .

8. I should re-watch all of Gilmore Girls from the beginning.

9. CAN’T, just CAN’T. My eyes are bleeding.

10. I think it’s better now, yeah it has to be better now.

11. All those people not liking it for no good reason have no idea what they’re missing.

12. Uh oh, here comes the scary part . . . followed by that scene I’ve never liked.

13. *sigh* I hope I didn’t miss anything.

14. *rewrites entire paragraph* Nobody will notice that right?

15. I wonder if I can realistically reach out to all the people who have downloaded the book and tell them to download it again . . .

16. The audio book is going to kick some ass.

17. What do I do with the guide? Gah … put it at the front? At the back? Put parts of it at the beginning of each chapter?

18. Damn that’s sexy . . . people need to know about this sexy part . . . *jumps onto facebook to post teaser*

19. I’m hungry . . . wait have I eaten today?